Lighting TD

This is one of the sections I lit for the game The Order:1886. I was responsible for the lighting in the reel to the right, which includes lighting for cinematics, game play environments, as well as light rigs for the boss fights throughout the game. Other sections I lit include the early sections of Whitechapel, Whitechapel brothel, Mayfair underground and Whitechapel underground areas.

Environment Artist: David Budlong

Materials and Textures: Alberto Rodriguez and Erin McKown






All the work in this demo reel to the right was created during my time at Rhythm and Hues from May 2008 until April 2013. I recommend you view it in HD.

In these particular shots, I lit:

Life of Pi: Meerkat crowds, Richard Parker the tiger.

A-Team: The CG cargo ship, cargo containers, gantries and debris.

X-Men First Class: Angel's insect wings. Emma Frost. Exterior headquarters shots. Russian Missile base.

Hop: Carlos the large chick. Easter bunny. Crowds of chicks and rabbits.

Land of the Lost: Grumpy the T-Rex. Sleestak crowds.

Yogi Bear: Yogi, Booboo, a turtle.

Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 and 3: Chipmunks and Chipettes



Reel Information sheet: 2013 Lighting Reel

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